Bread Pizza

Bread pizza is simple to make. I had seen the recipe in Youtube, and she had used microwave for making bread pizza. The one I make needs no microwave. You can called it as Tava bread pizza.


Bread slices – 4

Cheese slice – 4

Finely chopped capsicum – 1/2 cup

finely chopped onion – 1/2 cup

Chopped Tomato – 1/2 cup

Tomato sauce – 2 spoons


First we need to half cook the vegetables. In a cooking pan take few drops of oil, then saute onion, capsicum with little salt. After sauting for 3-4 minutes add tomato, mix well and remove from heat.

If you are having the Italian sizzlers and chilly flakes, you can add them too to the vegetables.

Now take one bread slice, evenly spread the tomato sauce on one side of the bread slice. On that spread the half cooked vegetables. Put one cheese slice on this. Keep this on Tava and cover with a lid, preferably glass lid so that you can see when the cheese melts. After 1-2 minutes when the cheese starts melting and gives the look of pizza, take out the bread pizza from heat.

Repeat the process for all slices.

Now your bread pizza is ready. Serve it with Tomato ketchup. If you have other pizza accompaniments you can serve with them.


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